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  Holidays in Lamu, Lamu Villas and Boutique Hotels on the Kenyan Coast

Kick off your shoes. Grab your book. Apply the sun tan lotion. Make for your favourite hammock or spot on the beach and relax. That is what Lamu is all about – perfect, pristine, deserted beaches, vast expanses of pure white sand lapped by turquoise blue waters.
It’s an archipelago of small, hot, almost desert-like islands just off the Kenyan coast in the Indian Ocean and together with the adjacent stretch of Kenyan coastline it offers some of the very best “get away from it all” holiday hideaways anywhere in the world.
We recommend combining Lamu with one of our other African Experiences - safari or gorilla trek, what’s your choice?

Lamu lies just 2 degrees south of the Equator and so day and night times are both approximately 12 hours long. There is also little difference between summer and winter. The European winter (November to March) is perhaps the best time to visit Lamu. The north east trade wind (kazkazi) blows at this time, bringing clear, calm waters. There can be some rain from mid-November to mid-December but this is light and patchy. The heavy rains arrive with the south east trade winds (kusi) which blow from May onwards. These bring strong gusty winds and boat movements can be restricted. Some places close between May and July and if you have a choice, it is probably best to avoid Lamu at this time. Between showers though the weather remains warm and sunny and some people like the islands at this time – they are even quieter than usual! July and August are the coolest months (Lamu cool, not UK cool) and March and April the hottest. From December to March the temperature rises to between 35°C and 40°C. Generally temperatures hover around 28°C to 30°C.
Whichever time of year you go, there is very little shade from the relentless sun, so do take care when sunbathing.

There are no direct flights from the UK to Lamu and all journeys require a connecting flight from Nairobi and a boat trip! The journey takes three stages. Firstly, the UK to Kenya: there are daily flights from London Heathrow to Nairobi with British Airways and Kenya Airways. The second stage is your connecting flight to Manda (there is no airstrip on Lamu Island itself). Connecting flights are with Air Kenya, SafariLink or Fly540 and may go via Malindi. If your final destination is not on Manda but on Lamu then the third stage of your journey is by boat. From Manda airstrip it is a short boat trip across to Lamu Island. If you are going to Kiwayu, there is an airstrip on the island itself, served by Air Kenya and SafariLink flights from Nairobi.
Flight times are approximately 8½ hours to Nairobi, 1½ hours from Nairobi to the coast.
Fleewinter is happy to help with your flights. Alternatively please use the links below.

British Airways: www.ba.com
Air Kenya: www.airkenya.com
SafariLink: www.safarilink-kenya.com
Fly540: www.fly540.com

Return flights to Nairobi cost from around £500 plus taxes but vary depending on what time of year you travel. Return flights from Nairobi to Manda cost around £200.
There is a more romantic way to approach Lamu and that is by dhow (local boat). This can take several hours however and is not an option we recommend.

There is no motorised transport on Lamu. You go by foot, donkey, ferry or dhow. This is not a problem, as Lamu Island is not exactly big – it takes only 8 or 9 hours to walk around the coast of the whole island itself. Nearly everyone arrives on Lamu Island at the harbour. There are always locals hustling to help with your luggage but Fleewinter will ensure that you are greeted by people from your villa or hotel. Alternatively we can arrange transport directly to your villa from Manda airstrip.
If you want to visit any other part of the island from your villa or hotel it is best to walk or arrange a boat trip (your villa staff will be able to help you do this).

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  Our Favourites
HLW020 - Kinondo Kwetu - Kinondo Kwetu is a small, all-inclusive luxury beach resort on the south Kenyan coast with a huge and deserted pristine beach where you’ll find perfect peace and tranquillity.
HLJ017 - Majlis Hotel - Pure, elegant, unpretentious luxury in a small, beautifully appointed, privately owned hotel on an exclusive stretch of deserted beach, where children, families, couples and friends can escape to the holiday retreat of a lifetime.
HLB023 - Beach House - A magnificent and large 5 bed-roomed house with fabulous swimming pool right on the beach at Shela Village on the north of Lamu Island.




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