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Thailand is exotic yet accessible. While steeped in tradition and deeply spiritual the country is also vibrant and modern. The landscape, people and experiences are so diverse that you could spend months exploring stunning beaches, bustling street markets and remote hill tribe villages. Sadly most people have less time to spare, but our Fleewinter consultants do a wonderful job of selecting the essential highlights and creating tailor-made tours to suit each individual customer. Or for a more restful trip we have a great selection of Thailand Villas on the coast.

We have travelled the length and breadth of Thailand. We have stayed in the most luxurious Thailand Villas and slept in bamboo huts in the jungle. We have taken the sleeper train to Chiang Mai, watched the sunset over Phang Nga Bay from the bow of a Chinese Junk ship and learnt to cook Thai Green Curry at Bai Pai Cookery School in Bangkok. We know where the deserted beaches are, which Thailand Villas get the best reviews and what time you can listen to the Buddhist monks chanting at Wat Po Temple. So come pick our brains, by emailing or calling on 0207 112 0019 for free advice on our favourite places to stay and how to make the most of your holiday in Thailand.

There are endless variations when it comes to where to stay and things to do in Thailand. So much so that it can make planning a holiday to Thailand a little daunting. At Fleewinter we rely on our detailed first-hand experience to advise you honestly and tailor-make each individual tour. We have worked hard to collate a varied range of boutique hotels, resorts, private villas and apartments across Thailand and we personally inspect all of the accommodation listed, to ensure that we can advise you correctly. We favour unique independent hotels and high end villas and apartments. Our villas and apartments usually come with a full body of domestic staff and any additional services such as shopping services, special functions, baby sitting etc... can all be arranged.

Some people simply want a beach holiday and so catch an immediate connection through from Bangkok to one of the southern resorts such as Phuket, Krabi or Koh Samui. There is nothing wrong with this, especially if you are only looking for a short break (7 nights), but why not put a twist on the conventional beach holiday and consider island hopping. Thailand’s coastline is encrusted with hundreds of picture perfect islands, each with its own personality and something different to offer. You could relax with nature for a few nights on rustic Koh Yao Noi, dance on the beach for a night in Phuket and then surround yourself in luxury on Koh Racha for the rest of your trip.

Other people prefer to start off with a few nights in Bangkok to soak up the buzz of the city and explore the surrounding areas such as Kanchanburi, before heading to the southern islands. This works well if you are limited on time (7 – 10 nights), as you get to experience some of the cultural highlights without taking time out to travel all the way to Northern Thailand.

If you have more time to spend however (14-21 nights), we suggest a larger tour of the country taking a week or so to visit Bangkok and Northern Thailand, before moving on to the beach. You can venture out from Chiang Mai to some of the more remote and picturesque hill towns and maybe even participate in a mahout training course at one of the elephant camps in the Golden Triangle. We are also able to arrange multi destination holidays if there is somewhere else you would like to visit in the region such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Rangoon in Myanmar.
International flights to Thailand are easy to arrange. We can book them for you or provide a quote for comparison purposes. Direct flights take approximately 13 hours and arrive at Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport. Direct flights can be booked through a number of airlines including Thai Airways, British Airways, Qantas and Eva Air. Alternatively you can sometimes find cheaper fares if you fly via the Middle East, The Indian Sub-Continent, Singapore or Malaysia. Have a look at Etihad, Qatar, Emirates, Sri Lanka Airlines, Jet Air and Malaysian Airlines etc...

Once in Thailand there is an excellent supply of cheap domestic flights that make travelling around the country extremely easy. Thai Airways run daily flights to most significant locations across Thailand, as well as flights to neighbouring Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. Sadly we can’t book these flights directly for you as they do not originate in the UK and so we have to use a ground agent in Thailand which does inflates the prices. Therefore, we often advise customers to book domestic flight themselves to save a few pennies and are more than happy to talk you through the process.

For land transfers we will arrange a personal driver and qualified English speaking guide for you. They will collect you from each local airport, train station or pier and accompany you throughout your trip and excursions. All of our guides are extremely professional and evaluated by customers after each trip. For more confident travellers who are perhaps looking to cut back on costs, there are instances when it is just as easy to use a local taxi. We are more than happy to advise you on where and when this would be appropriate.

Instead of hiring a driver and guide the other option is a self drive. We have several carefully constructed self drive itineraries for the North of Thailand. Maps, hotel information and emergency numbers will all be provided in advance. On the islands renting a car is very common and essential if you want to make the most of the different beaches and restaurants on offer. Car hire can be arranged in advance through your villa or hotel and vehicles delivered once you are settled in. Alternatively, Thailand’s islands are well serviced with taxis, but while they all have meters many of the drivers will refuse to use them unlike in the capital. Therefore, frequent trips can become fairly expensive.
Thailand’s weather is affected by seasonal monsoons which on the coast can result in overcast conditions, rough seas and leaves the more remote islands inaccessible. Fortunately, the two sides of Thailand’s coast are affected at opposite times of the year, so when the monsoon is raining down on one coast you can escape to the other. Thailand’s Andaman Coast (West) home to Phuket, is hit by the monsoon from April – October, while the Gulf of Thailand (East) home to Koh Samui and Koh Tao, is unsuitable from late Sept – mid Dec. The season runs for longer on the East Coast where the sea is more protected, unlike the exposed Andaman Coast.

As for the rest of Thailand the rains come from May until October but its impact is a lot less dramatic than on the coast. Bangkok is most likely to be wet from July to October, although the heat is on all year round. March to May is the hottest time to be in the city, and November to February the coolest. In Northern Thailand the best time to visit is the cool season from November to February. The temperature will be around 25°C in the day and then drop to 15°C at night, but there is very little rainfall and the landscape will look green and lush. We advise against travel to the North in the dry season – March to June. It is extremely hot and the scenery is dry and dusty.

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  Our Favourites
FYI001 - Koyao Island Resort - If you're dreaming of a secluded beach idle, with pristine white sand, stunning views and an authentic taste of Thai life you need look no further than Koyao Island Resort.
FSL001 - The Library - is a wonderful new hotel truly worth endorsing because of the excellent example it sets for developers and expansion of tourism on Koh Samui.
FSR001 - Rice House - Extremely romantic with outstanding views, this 2 bed balinese inspired villa provides a perfect getaway.




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